It Begins

 In Summary

World Entertainment Studios (also referred to as “the Company” or “WES”) will be a state-of-the-art entertainment studio located in the Antelope Valley in northern Los Angeles County. WES will strive to become a one-stop-shop for potential guests’ needs, both in terms of production and leisure. The Company’s vision for its products is as follows:

Short-term goal: Create a high-quality movie and TV production facility providing industry-standard amenities and features.

Long-term goals: Create a facility that incorporates a music studio and take advantage of the beautiful natural environment surrounding the studio to develop a hotel and golf course.

Mission Statement

WES is committed to becoming a player within the film and television production marketplace. The Company will create an expansive video production facility offering an eclectic mix of multiple studios differing in size and adaptability for specific needs.

In addition to its desire to provide top-of-the-line customer service, WES has a passion for art and creativity. It will strive to inspire strength in and develop a focus on creativity within the local community while making a long-lasting, impactful impression on future generations.

Market Opportunity

Practically all Southern California’s production studios are located within the immediate vicinity of the City of Los Angeles. Very few, if any, venture further north into the less-populated regions of Southern California.

WES will allow movie producers to take advantage of the local Antelope Valley environment while remaining in a proverbial “sweet spot” located not too far but not too close to the majority of other production studios in the more traditional Los Angeles area.

By offering competitive leasing rates once construction on the production facility and all its supplemental components is complete, WES will provide a legitimate option for production companies seeking potential shooting locations in Southern California.

Products & Services

WES will provide unique environments for each of its studios so they can fit the needs of specific productions. The Company’s products and services will include production studios, a prop department, filming equipment, a lighting department, production company trailers, craft services, administrative facilities, a dance studio and equipment, a hotel, and a golf course.

Production components
The following section highlights each of the Company’s production components and their responsibilities.

  • Gold Freedom Productions: the in-house production component of WES.
  • Generation Freedom Productions: the in-house music production component of WES.
  • American Cookie Productions: a non-profit 501c3 division of the Company that aims to educate and advance an appreciation of the arts in local children.

Business Model

WES will acquire revenue from renting its studios (film, television, music, dance) out on an hourly, daily, and weekly basis. It will generate additional revenue from production companies utilizing the studio’s support staff and amenities, such as prop rentals and onsite staff contracting. WES will also earn revenue from the WES hotel, golf course, and shops when they are complete. The Company’s business model is as follows:

Value Proposition

Boasting substantial space and infrastructure, WES is prepared to service the video production industry and make inroads towards becoming an entertainment hotspot within the Antelope Valley.

  • Expand the marketplace: No other production companies are located in the Antelope Valley Area.
  • One-stop shop: WES will ease some of the burden from production companies by offering many complimentary production services on-site.
  • Entertainment destination: The successful inclusion of a hotel, golf course, and associated restaurants and shops will bring tourist dollars to the local economy.
  • Content demands: Global demand for video content has only increased over time, and it has expanded to include Internet streaming demands. WES will be positioned to help produce content for any type of medium.
  • Natural benefits: The creation of a local production studio will bring more attention to the area, furthering the economic success of the community.

Capital Required

WES is seeking $280.05M in capital from private investors (both domestic and international), community development agencies, 501c3 entities, and educational and philanthropic institutes. Capital requirements will cover the costs of constructing the studio facility and all complementary facilities, hiring support staff, and building reserves for working capital. A five-year summary of financial projections can be seen below.